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Our seasoned litigators represent clients in all phases of court proceedings, from initial case analysis and assessment through trial.


Our litigation team has helped our clients achieve successful results in a wide range of cases. We know the ins and outs of the state and federal court systems, and understand the nuances involved in successfully bringing and defending civil lawsuits. We are experienced in all phases of litigation, whether it involves developing case strategy, managing pretrial matters, or preparing for and participating at trial.

Our vast knowledge and experience makes us well-suited to serve our clients’  legal needs.


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Civil litigation includes lawsuits between individuals, businesses (and sometimes governments), or some combination of individuals and business entities. The parties to litigation are the plaintiffs (who sue) and the defendants (who are being sued). Civil litigation covers many different types of lawsuits, from personal injury and accident claims to claims for business injuries (such as business fraud and unfair competition). In all types of litigation, specific rules of legal practice and substance govern how and when the lawsuit must proceed and what each litigant needs to prove in order to prevail.

Whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant, it is wise to speak to a lawyer about your case as soon as possible. There are many peculiarities and intricacies involved in litigation. An experienced litigator can help determine what will need to be considered in order to prosecute or defend each individual case. As an example, there are important time limits that apply in the beginning of and throughout litigation that may affect the success or failure of a plaintiff’s claim or a defendant’s defense.

Litigants are naturally anxious to have their disputes resolved as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the amount of time it will take before a lawsuit is resolved is not always easy to predict. A case may be resolved quickly  or may drag on for years. In many cases, a lawsuit can be resolved, or settled, before trial. A litigation specialist can help clients–whether plaintiffs or defendants– proceed in all aspects of litigation, through trials and even appeals, if necessary, as well as in negotiating settlement agreements.

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